PERM Processing Time 2022 - Questions & Answers

I see Feb 2022 shown as currently processing in tracker here - anyone whose PERM was filed in Feb 2022 has got approval?

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Hello, me filed in december, 2021 still waiting.

My PERM case was filed on Jan 10th 2022 and was approved yesterday

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Hello, anybody PERM filed on March 2022 and got approved? Mine was filed March 8, 2022.

Mine filed on 03/08/22. no update yet

Do anyone know if the perm getting approved in 7 months? Or is it getting late?

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taking atleast 8+ months


Hello, Did you get any update on PERM?

Mine was filed on 17th Feb , anyone’s from Feb got their approval yet???

dont see anyone from Feb got approvals

Anyone from feb got their approvals ?

Did you receive any update for Perm?

Has anyone received Perm from March 2022?

Randeep_Kancharla did you receive any update on Perm?

Nothing yet; whats your date? Did you hear from anyone else?

I am also looking for an information for March filing.