PERM Processing Time Questions & Answers for PWD, Audit Case

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Hi Anil
My H1B visa 6Years max timeout is in October 2019 and my employer has applied for perm on April 1st,2019.

When can I expect the approval?

Once perm gets approved ,My employer is ready to apply for I-140 in premium.

Do you think I can make out without any hassles for the visa extension?
Thank you.

Hi @raki
You should be able to get your i140 approved before your H1B max out.


My employer recently applied for PERM. My application id is A-19085-XXXXX. When I check the perm labor registry, the current application running and approved is A-19090-XXXXX. I am not sure why application was not processed. In the same time, it was showing application processing with A-18325-XXXXX.

I am not sure how that system works, can someone please explain me this?


Hi @surebalu

Not all applications get processed at same time. Some applications may take more time than others based on the paperwork submitted by the employer.

Hi Anil,

My H1 6 years max out is on October 2019. My employer going to file the PERM on 5/28/2019,
Is it possible for me to get the PERM approved and I140 approved before max out time.
Could you please suggest.

Thank you!

Hi @Devi_Ramu
You might just get PERM approved by September 2019. Your situation is pretty tight.

You will definitely have to file i149 in premium.

Hi @Anil.Gupta Does the ~6 month processing time starts from the time the audit is responded, or from the priority date time?

Hi @irving
Count the processing time from the date your employer responds to Audit.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

PW for PERM got filed on 26th Feb , by when can I expect an approval on them ?

Also , Is there any standard duration of recuitment/advertisement that has been set by DOL to be followed like it needs to be atleast some X number of days/months ?

Thanks in Advance !

There is a standard duration for PERM advertisements and i have given details on employment based green card article. Please read.

You can expect your PWD approval by June 2019 second week end.

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Hi Anil,

My Perm was Filed on March 14th, still my perm not certified is it something i need to worry ? also i do see some April Perm are getting certified… My Max out is Sep 15 2019, do you think i can get I140 approved before my max out? Please advise.


Hi @Jayanth
There is no need to worry. You are pretty close to getting PERM approval. You can expect it anytime now.

Thanks Anil for your reply… if perm was not certified after 90 days, does it mean that case was went to Audit? When we can reach out to DOL regarding the status after 90 days?


Hi @Jayanth

No, PERM pending for 90 days does not mean that your PERM is in audit.

You can check status with DOL after 90 days of the status date mentioned on our PERM tracking page.

Hi Anil,

My PWD was filled on 30 JAN 2019 but still didnt get any PWD approval by when I can expect the approval .


Hi @ritu_jha

You can expect to get your PWD approval anytime now.

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Hi Anil,
My PWD was completed on June 10. Assuming that the recruitment process goes in my favor, what timeline should I look forward for my PERM approval. My Visa max out by October 2019.

Hi Anil, my perm process was filed on apirl 25th 2019 , when can i expect approval and apply for i140 ? Is there any way to track case number?

Hi @Ashish_Chaudhari

Please check the timelines given on the PERM tracking page.
I can give out any estimates only when your PERM has been filed and you have a filing date with you.