PERM Processing Time Questions & Answers for PWD, Audit Case

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My PERM application was filed on Sep 21st 2019 . Its almost 4 months ( 120 days ) since its submitted to Atlanta processing center . I checked the status with my employer . its showing “Analyst review” since last 2 weeks .

How long would it take to final decision . My max out is coming very close ( in Feb 2020)

If I have to go back to India , how many days I have to keep behind before my max out date .


Hi @pravin.nerkar

You should be able to get approval pretty soon.

Attorneys suggest to leave 60 days time in max out. People leave a week too and have not seen any issues.

Hi @parvin.nerkar ,

How were you checking status of your perm case ? I have file number with me and I am not able to check it at all. Also did you get the decision ? For me it’s been 2.5 months that my PERM has been filed and do not have any updates.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I have received an email from my employer saying 'Your PERM application was successfully filed with DOL today, November 8, 2019. Case number: A-XXXXX-XXXXX ', when do you think probably I should have a decision ? I tried tracking it online but could not find any entry for my file number. In which month you think I should have decision ?

Thanks !

Hi @dhananjaybhandari

You are asking the same questions multiple times. Have patience.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Was just trying to get probable month that I should have decision on .

My employer has access to iCERT portal where they can login and check the status . They keep me posted on the status
I do not know any other way to check the status . Please let me know if you know other ways to check the status .
I have been waiting since 4 months . Still shows in Analyst review .

Hi @pravin.nerkar,

Did you hear from your attorney on your Perm status yet ?

@pravin Did you got the prem approved? Can you guide which site your employer check the status?

No I did not hear any change of status , Its frustrating . My max out is in mid of Feb 2020

So Sorry to hear. My Perm submitted on 15-Oct-2019 Im not sure how long i have to wait to get the result. If your max out is mid Feb how you are going to user the approved perm. Don’t we need to extend the H1 6 months before the max out?

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