PERM Processing Time Questions & Answers for PWD, Audit Case

It does not matter as long as the i140 has been approved and is valid.

Hi Anil,

Employer filed my PERM on 21st March 2019. When can expect the approval?


You can expect your PERM approval by July 2019 third week end.

Hope you might have received your perm approval.
Please let us know how long it took for your perm approval.


What is the Fastest PWD based on with receipt of June 10, 2019. Has someone actually submitted a PWD request and had it processed within 2 months and 20 days?

Hi @Anil.Gupta, Your following page updates fastest approved PWD very often. It was 16th June yesterday and today it’s updated to 11th June. How do you know this? With the new FLAG system for PWD, there is no way an employee can track the PWD status. Only employer or attorney can track it, so how do you get to know the fastest approved PWD? Just curious!

Hi @rraju1990

Data is based on cases shared by users on various forums.

not seeing new updates of latest approved perm. Are no new perms are getting approved.

Hi @vijay58

There is no data available for PERM approvals from last 4 days. As soon as it becomes available, the site will be updated.

Hi Anil,

Icert site doesn’t show any approvals since Monday. Have they stopped processing perm cases?

Hi @dhanu369

It is not a stop. It is possible that they have not updated the site.

It will be back soon. Don’t worry. They can’t stop processing PERM.

Anyone knows why there were no PERM approvals between sept 9 to 13 ? iCert doesn’t displays any result for entire week.


Hi @mum2sf

There is no specific reason that we know of.

Hi Team, I don’t see any update in perm in Icert since last one week. Do you know any reason ?
Will that affect the processing time line?

Hi I have been following the Perm approvals and it looks like after 8th Sept there are no updates. Has DOL stopped processing Perm applications?

HI @Nargis_A and @askumar

DOL must be processing the cases but it seems they are not updating it online.

We will share as soon as we see any updates.

Hi Anil.

Any idea about why icert search not resulting in any certified perm cases starting 9th september? Also let us know if we have any other option to track our cases.


Hi @chsan91

DOL is closing the icert system and starting a new system called FLAG for PERM approvals starting Oct 1, 2019.

I think they have stopped updating ICERT website possibly to make the move to new system.

Hi @Anil.Gupta ,

If a PERM is not approved for more than 90 days, does it mean there are high chances of it may get Audited ? My priority date is June 12, and haven’t received any update on that. Also, DOL has already started processing July PERM applications.


Hi @mum2sf

I don’t think that this hypothesis is true. Some cases take more time than others and it is normal.