Perm related status & document info

Hi - Please help answer following 2 questions:

  1. The following URL asks for a Case No. starting with “A”. I have an approval notice document where there’s nothing called as a Case Number but instead, there’s a Receipt Number starting with “SRC”. How can i find my current status and case number also for that matter.
    Current PERM Processing Time 2020, Check Case Status • USA

  2. What are the documents or information i must have in regards to my case ? I simply received the final Approval Notice from the attorney and am wondering if and what else should i have received.


Are you sure what you have is a PERM approval?

Receipt number starting with SRC should not be for PERM.

Check with your Employer.

Actually going back to the employer is not an option for me since i am not with them now, or any other presently. I have attached the template of Approval Notice PDF i have. The Receipt No on it is SRC****.

Also, when i lookup the SRC no. on the following portal filled out as “Receipt No.”, the result says “Case was Approved”. The date on result matches with the PDF i have.

This is an i140 approval and it is given by USCIS. This is not a PERM receipt.

Check its status on USCIS case status website: