Perm taking over 6months, is that normal?

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
My receipt date is Sep 11 2019. I’ve had friends apply after me that have been certified and am a couple of months over the estimated processing time according to the approximate given, do you think I should be worried?

Thanks so much

You cannot do anything even if you get worried.

Have you checked with your employer if they have received audit request?

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your reply.

My employer was considering contacting the help desk to ensure everything is going ok, so when you say even if I am worried or concerned I can’t do anything, there is always something. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not which is why I reached out for your opinion,I feel like we should just be patient?

My employer has heard no word of an audit, would that come via email and would my case status show any sign of this? I.e say audit instead of analyst review like it currently does?

Again, thank you for your time, I know you receive a lot of what seems to you like the same questions but it helps a lot

I always recommend everyone to stay calm and patient as government departments work on their own speed.

There is no expedite option available for PERM and hence you cannot really do anything. Your case is still under normal processing hours at this time.

It is good that your employer is trying to contact DOL for a status update. DOL will send information about Audit and what documents are needed if they pick your case.

Normally, around 30% of applications get audit request. Some are chosen randomly and some are targeted based on employer’s past records.