Permanent Address is Bhopal, stay in Bangalore - what address proof to submit?

Hi Anil,

My Permanent Address is Bhopal, and I stay in Bangalore for work. Now I applied for PCC from BHOPAL PSK with my permanent address as my current address.

But I have only passport and driving license with the permanent address. My Question: What document for address proof could I submit now? Thanks in advance.

You will probably have to go through police verification as your current address has changed.

You need the current address proof.

Check the list above.

May be I confused you with my question. Let me rephrase.
In the PCC application I have used my Passport address as my current and present address. And as I said earlier other than Passport I don’t have any other document which shows this address. As all other documents have Bangalore address but no where I have mentioned Bangalore address. So now - any other supporting document will be required?
Thanks in advance,

Whats is the issue then in submitting driving license as address proof?

Hi Anil,
In continuation to Rahul’s question, my passport address is my partner’s residence and this is my current address. My partner’s name is registered in my passport.
But I do not have any other address proof to corroborate the passport address. My partner has all their address proofs corroborating this address.
Do I need to update my aadhar or have any other address proof to show the passport address as my current address?

You must have given some address proof at the time of creating the passport? Isn’t it?

What is that address proof. It should work now as well.

I had used my marriage certificate and spouse’s passport, which has the current address for both of us. Can I use these as well?

You can check as the PCC is issued by same passport office who gave you the passport in first place.

If they accepted your marriage certificate earlier as address proof, they should be able to accept it now too.

Thanks Anil for the clarification.