Permanent wfh H1B


I was offered wfh permanently and planning to move to a new location. New location is 90 miles from my current office and is a different MSA and there is no other office in that area. If i do H1 amendment and add my new location home address in lca, do i need to file H1B amendment everytime i change home in new location?

Also, i don’t have new home address now since i didn’t move, in this case what should be the address in lca?


If the new location is in same MSA then you dont need amendment.

The “place of employment” in form ETA 9035 is rather a geographic area ( even though you need to provide an address) where an employer intends an H-1B worker to be employed. The LCA will apply to any worksites within this “area of employment,” and thus will control the prevailing wage determination, posting, and other worksite-related obligations of an employer.

You can pick an address in the area you intend to move and provide that in the LCA.

Discuss this with your immigration lawyer and they will be able to handle this.