Petition Withdrawn/Over 180 Days/Not Automatically Revoked

Hi Anil,

This is regarding my I-140 petition withdrawn by my previous employer.

Yesterday, I received mail from USCIS that “Petition Withdrawn/Over 180 Days/Not Automatically Revoked”

Here is my case details,

  • My I-140 petition approved on 05/3/2019
  • Petition withdrawn on 01/07/2020

As per AC21 rule, looks like more than 180 days over.

I just want to make sure that, there won’t be problem with retaining my priority date.

Please provide me your feedback on this.

I appreciate your early response.



You can keep using the i140 to extend your H1B. No issues in porting your priority date either.

Thank you so much your response!

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