Place of birth change in passport

I recently applied for place of birth change in my indian passport.

  1. sent an email to VFS for place of birth change prior approval. VFS asked to send an email to indian consulate for their approval
  2. sent an email to indian consulate via Pramit, they responded to provide documents such as original birth certificate along with renewal application and supporting documents
  3. sent all the documents to VFS along with approval email from indian consulate
    4)after 2 weeks, got a phone call from indian consulate NY asking for explanation about place of birth change
    questions asked: reason for place of birth change; distance between 2 places; same district?; same state?
    5)received an email and call to provide written explanation via email on the same day
    6)sent email response with explanation for change in place of birth
    7)No updates since then

Its been more than 4 weeks that I sent physical application to VFS. I am worried about the outcome.
Sending emails to Indian consulate since then, but no response received from them.

I am not sure what to do now? Is this normal or should i get worried and visit in person to Indian consulate NY directly?
Please suggest if anybody had similar experience.

Thanks as always!

Hi I m in same situation I mailed CGISFO regarding pre approval to change place of birth only 7 days left to process my application


I forgot to update the current status. I received my new passport last week.
Whole process took 8 weeks from start to end.

Hope this helps!

Do u mailed vfs global to hold your application until you received a approval from a consulate office becoz there is time line to process incomplete application for 20 days

first i requested indian embassy for approval using the link below

once i get response, i included that approval in the packet sent to vfs

Thank you so much for your help

alternatively, you can request vfs about best way of contacting sfo indian embassy for getting approval?
i am not sure whether sfo indian embassy has pramit service.

Hi @Pooja_Patkar
I am in a similar situation.
Are you able to resolve this? Can you share instructions on how I can get a pre-approval from CGISFO

Hello @ChinniKrishna_Kothap I am in a similar situation, got inquiry from VFS to submit approval letter from CGISFO for birth date update. I have sent 21st and sent couple of followup emails. But after 7 days there is no response. What is your current update?