Plan travel to home country for faster H4 visa stamping?

My change of employer H1B application which is currently under process and I am currently in the USA.

My wife’s current H4 and H4 EAD both expire in couple of months and its unlikely that her new petitions would be approved by then. So to at least expedite H4 processing, we are thinking my wife would travel to India solely for the purpose of new H4 stamping.

It seems in the travel ban exceptions allowed in mid July, H4 dependents can seek consulate VISA appointments when principal applicant is already in USA. So in view of that, her traveling to India to get H4 stamped sooner, would be a good idea? Would you suggest first get a confirmed appointment and then plan travel accordingly ?

I am little confused because her current VISA is still valid for another two months. In view of that would they let us take an expedited ‘family reunion’ appointment for the H4 extension?

There is no guarantee that your expedited H4 visa appointment will be honored.

Better to get a confirmation first and then travel.

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Hi Anil,
can you guide me if i can travel to mexico/India and get my H4 Stamping amidst COVID? I mean can i travel next month and get my H4 visa stamped?

You have to check the entry rules at Mexico border.

Rules are changing frequently and hence may change on the day of your travel due to COVID-19.

Some US embassy in Mexico are giving appointments.

Hi Anil,
thanks for your reply.

My H4 visa is going to expire 14th Sep 2020 and my H4 is still pending with USCIS.

So can I still travel to Mexico to get my stamping in month of october?

Or will i be considered out of status sine my i94 is dated for admission till 14th Sep and i would be advised to go to mother country for visa stamping?

However my husbands H1B is approved in the month of July 2020. Please advice. much appreciated.