POA Attestation at Houston Indian Embassy

Hi Anil,

I need to send POA to India for the purchase of Property. Due to current COVID issue, Houston embassy is accepting all requests via mail in. I am doing joint POA which is 4 pages long ( for me and my spouse).

As per the guide line I have to pay $2 ICWF and $20 attestation. Can you please answer my below queries -

  1. Do I need to fill two application form under miscellaneous services?
  2. Since the POA document is 4 pages , do I need to create a check of $80 ( $20 per page) or should I write $20 for entire document or should it $40 as it’s joint POA with 2 applications? I tried calling the Houston Embassy but no one is picking the phone.
  3. Do need to have signature of witness on every page?
  4. Do I need to notarized all 4 pages of the POA? or the just the last page?