Points reduced on SkillSelect post submitting 190 application with NSW


I received NSW pre-invite on 25-Feb-2021 and submitted application on 26-Feb-2021. I had 95 points at that time.

On 05-Mar-2021, my points on SkillSelect were reduced to 90 as my Overseas Experience fell 1 month short of 8 years with time.
Overseas experience had to be 8 yrs in last 10 years, but if someone completed 2 yrs or more in NSW, it will go below 8 years and points will be reduced to 10.

My questions is - since my application is still pending with NSW for decision, this reduction in point would impact my application ? Any next steps for me here ?



You should update NSW regarding this change/reduction in points. And yes, it might impact your application. Let the state decide on it now but informing them is your duty.

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