Points Test Advice (PTA) from VETASSESS?

I have completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Pune University with non-ICT subjects and I have been working with IT companies for the last 12 years. My ACS assessment is successful. ACS has recognised my entire experience suitable for migration. ACS did not mention anything about my degrees on the result letter. Do I need to get my academic qualification assessed from VETASSESS? I think it is called Points Test Advice (PTA). Please advise. Thanks in advance.

In most cases, the education and work experience evaluation is done by same agency, which is based on the job code you select.

In this case, it seems you have selected a job code in the software engineering area. Hence, the education evaluation should also be done by ACS.

Didn’t you send your education documents to ACS? As far as I know, they do both education and work experience evaluation together.

Hi Anil,

Thanks. My degrees are non-ICT (i.e. Geology) and selected occupation is ICT Business Analyst. I did submit marksheet and degree certificates of the graduation and post-graduation to the ACS. If I remember correctly ACS can assess only ICT degrees. As expected ACS deducted 6 years from my overall experience and provided positive skills assessment. Now, the question is should I approach VETASSESS for the assessment of my graduate and post-graduate degrees or can I directly claim 15 points for academic qualification. Please advice.