Police Clearance Certificate for my father in New York USA

Hello- My father is doing an AOS as a immediate relative - and cleared his interview. At the interview the IO informed us that we will need to get a Police Clearance Certificate for him as his biometrics got rejected twice. Subsequently we receive a RFE and we have applied for the PCC in Indian Consulate NY on March 16 2021 - passport issued in India. We have not received response from the consulate so followed up and has been informed that the PCC is being awaited from India. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the Embassy is not doing any window in person issuance for these services.
Does anyone know how long this takes? Does USCIS give additional time for the RFE considering the pandemic?
Please advise if you have any information. We did receive the local police clearance immediately.


USCIS has allowed extra 60 days for RFE response due to pandemic.

Hello Anil. Thank you for the response. Yes we are aware of that and we hope to apply for the same if we do not receive the PCC on time.
Would you know how much time the PCC takes these days?
Would you know if there is a application or a form that we have to file for the extra 60 days?


There is no extra form or request required for using extra 60 days.

PCC can take 6-8 weeks and varies by each Indian embassy.