Power of Attorney from Canada for property in India in favor of father in law


My husband recently settled his home loan with ICICI. As he is in Canada, his elder brother made the payment on behalf of him as he is also the co applicant. The bank refuses to handover the property documents to him as they say that power of attorney has to assigned. As my brother in law is not available now to collect them, can my father be assigned as the POA?
Thanks in advnace.

Your husband can create the POA in Canada in favor of anyone and send it to India.

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Thank you Anil for your prompt response, I appreciate it. Huh that looks promising as I was told a POA has to be someone in blood relation like father, mother, brother or sister.

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Hi @Sdm

There are NO written rules as to who can be a POA holder. Each registrar office in India just frame their own rules that they have been following around for years.

Any friend or relative can be your POA.

It is better to ask the bank as to who’s POA will be acceptable to them and then make it. Since ICICI is a private bank, they should be flexible.

Ohh great, I will surely get in touch with the bank and get confirmed. Thank you for all your inputs.

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