PR expired so reapplying through Express Entry


We had gotten the Canadian PR few years back where my husband was the Primary applicant. We had gone to collect the PR cards, got them but never stayed in Canada. The PR cards have now expired and we want to reapply through Express Entry process. This time I will be the Primary Applicant for the family.

I had a question regarding one of the questions in Express Entry Profile form.

Section - Immigration History and Citizenship

Q1. Has applied to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada before? (required)

Since my husband had applied as Primary Applicant and not me, should I answer this question as a Yes or a No. I will be the Primary this time.

Secondly, if I do mark it as yes or no, what about the UCI number? Should I mention that or not.


Will really appreciate an answer. Thank you!

Wasn’t you part of the Canadian PR that your husband applied earlier or was he is going to Canada alone?

If you were part of it and you got PR too, then you have to answer ‘yes’ and then provide details.

Are there any steps I need to fulfill related to my old PR before I submit my new Express Entry Application?

Sir please do answer my last question.