PR Granted. What is next?

Hi @Anil.Gupta, my visa subclass 190 was granted today. In the grant letter, it did not state any initial entry date. Is that because I’m currently onshore? Also, I wonder if you have any advise on what are my next steps (e.g., setting up for Medicare benefits). Thanks in advance!

Hey buddy!

May I know how much time did it take for the grant after lodging Visa? And which state?

I am working on that article. Will share soon.

Hi, my EOI date of effect was 14/1/2020 with 80 points and 85 for 190. Invite received from Vic state on 19/2/2020, application submitted with all docs and health assessment completed on 4/3/2020, and grant was received on 6/5/2020.

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Thanks so much Anil!

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When are you planning to go to Australia?

I’m currently onshore in Melb.

Congrats!! That was so quick!! They do process onshore applications quickly. May I also know your job code please?

I’m an offshore applicant,lodged 190-VIC visa on 6/3/2020 for ANZSCO-254415. My grant time will be increased because of covid.


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Thanks! My job code is 252712. Perhaps the quick processing time could be due to the job being in high demand in Vic. I also followed the graduate pathway as I am a recent graduate. Hope your application gets processed quickly too since RN are also in demand.

Hopeful :crossed_fingers: