PRAMIT helpline says PCC will take 30 days even after my Passport was renewed in New York last month


I read in am22tech that if the passport has been issued in New York, the PCC processing time is around 5 days by mail. I had renewed my passport last month from New York and police verification was done back then.

However, I sent the PCC application to NY consulate around 10 days back and the system says a police verification has been triggered. My parents in India also got an email saying the same thing. Today I mailed PRAMIT explaining the situation and they replied saying

“PCC process depends upon the police verification record in our system. As per the current guidelines, PCC clearances will take a minimum of 30 days to get clearances from India.”

I need the PCC in 25 days from now to continue with my application. Has anyone applied for PCC recently? What is the timeline now? Does the 5 day timeline still hold for someone with passport issued in New York?


The Indian government has made the police verification mandatory in 2020 and that’s why Indian embassy is taking longer time.

The government has made life miserable. Earlier, the police verification was not mandatory.

OK thanks for the info… this is helpful…For future readers it will be great if the am22tech article on PCC reflects that. Just an input.

Also, My father went to the passport office to check. They will be sending the verification in the next two days from that office. Giving it a few more days to process it here in the embassy and few more days to mail it, can I expect it to come before the next three weeks? Just in case you had any info.

I’m just scared that the embassy here will take the mentioned ‘30 days’ to keep it formal.