Pre approval from CGISFO

I’ve recently submitted an application to re-issue my passport to change the birth place mentioned on

however the application is on hold as a Pre-approval is required to process the application. I mailed CGISFO but didn’t receive any update and it’s only 7 days left to process my incomplete application anybody face this problem before kindly help me with this

For pre-approval I contacted Indian consulate via Pramit. Once I get approval, I included that approval email in the actual application sent to VFS for processing.

Hi how long did it take you for the approval on email? And also was is SFO?

Hi , I am also in the same boat. I have received an email from SFO consulate that I need to get the pre approval for correcting Place of Birth in Passport.

Can you tell how did you submit the request for pre approval ? I see that you have used PRAMIT. Did you use that for SFO consulate? or yours is New York consulate?
If it is for SFO, please provide the details like how did you submit the request on Pramit and what documents/info you have provided.?
Also, please tell how long it took for you to get the approval. Thank you.