Previous company H4 denied, new company H4 in progress, Any impact or action needed


Help is appreciated. here is the scenario -

  1. I-94 expired on 30 Sep, 2020
  2. H1B and H4 extension filed on 14 Sep, 2020 with Company A (H1B approved in a week, H4 still progress)
  3. Joined Company B with H1B transfer filed in Feb, 2021 along with H4 (H1B approved, H4 still progress)
  4. 12-Aug, 2021 - 1st H4 revoked which was filed with Company A (2nd H4 Company B still in progress)

Does this impact anything or all good and we should wait for 2nd H4 approval?
Or we should file form I-290B ?

What is the reason of denial on the notice?

Since my previous company H1B was revoked hence H4 denied. USCIS asked me to file Appeal or Motion in letter
New company H4 still in progress
Do you know having similar situation or any help reference is appreciated

@anil_am22 - Can you please help me. Should I go ahead and submit form (I290B) or I am good as my new company H4 still valid, what will happen to my transfer H4 in this case?

I see contradictory answer in the posts with same status (2nd H4 filed after I94 expiry)

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