Printable address in passport renewal form


Hi Anil,

Thank you for creating and supporting these forums especially helpful for NRIs in the US.

I am applying for my passport renewal(Chicago consulate) and have a few questions:-
i) I have selected printable address on the passport as my parent’s Indian address(even on current passport it was their previous Indian address - which has changed now.). Is that okay or will it create problems because the address proof will have my father’s name and not mine? I will attach additional proof of my birth certificate and they will have my current passport where my father’s name is listed.
I chose other address as my US apartment(rented) address.
ii) Is there a way to contact CGKS - as I have not received any email response to my query to them and also their phone line doesn’t work?

Thanks and Regards,

You have to provide Indian address proof on your name as far as i know. Father’s Indian address proof will not work.

You can double check with CKGS though.

CKGS charges per minute for their phone support. Their email support is free.

Ok, thanks Anil.