Processing delays for Indian Passport renewal

Hi all, I applied for Indian passport renewal (normal method, no tatkal) at new York embassy and tracking says " Your application has reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process" since 25th May 2022. Its been almost 5 weeks now, but no other update. According to VFS website it says normal processing time is 3 weeks. What is your experience on this?
Few things I noticed/tried/have question:

  1. I tried to contact VFS and they say its out of their hand once its inside embassy, so we need to contact only embassy here after.
  2. I tried to contact New York embassy. You may have noticed, recently they started ‘PRAMIT’ for addressing all the queries. When I tried to submit query under passport related issues, it was not successful (I tried 100 times). When you click submit button it would revert back to original page. I strongly suspect they did it deliberately.
  3. I am not sure how embassy consider if police verification is needed or not. I see in this website many got police verification, but many not.
  4. Is there any email ID which can be used to contact them?

Thanks for the suggestions in advance.

This is for SFO but still gives you an idea of various stages and where to check your application status.

Here’s contact details for NY Consulate

Thanks Pankaj, I read this thread before putting my question, it was useful. :slightly_smiling_face: But for NY embassy there are limited info. Let see if someone facing similar situation !

Finally its showing “Print has been initiated for passport” after 6 weeks. Hopefully will get it in hand soon.
(And, there is no police verification requested so far)

Finally received it.
Applied: 23/05/2022
VFS received it on: 24/05/2022
VFS sent to embassy on: 25/05/2022
On government website, started showing passport is being printed on: 04/07/2022
Embassy handed over my passport to VFS on : 11/07/2022
VFS dispatched on: 12/07/2022
Came through FedEx on: 07/13/2022.


  1. Once passport is in embassy for review till it dispatched to VFS, track it on government website. Tracking on VFS website is not useful till then.
  2. No address change in my case and no police enquiry.

Hope this will help someone. :slightly_smiling_face: