Processing time for new H4 EAD

Hi Anil,
Thank you for the instructions you posted earlier on how to submit the H4 EAD, it helped.
It’s new H4 EAD application for my wife and it was submitted and the case status showing the date as Nov 20th. They withdraw the processing fee and do you have an idea of how long does it currently take to process the new EAD Application?

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This will depend on the processing center. Did you try checking at below link?

Thanks, i just now checked after seeing your response. california center… is there any option to expedite the processing?

11 Months to 14.5 Months

Based on being an H-4 spouse of an H-1B nonimmigrant (Standalone; not filed with I-539 H4) [(c)(26)]

May 26, 2020

You may request an expedite citing financial hardship due to loss of job.