Processing time of B2 visa after dropbox appointment


My mother wants to renew her B1/B2 visa and she is eligible for an interview waiver and so I am looking for a dropbox appointment for her. I am looking at both Chandigarh and Delhi Visa Application Centers. Does anyone know:

  1. What are the waiting times for getting an appointment at these places?

  2. After the appointment how long does it take for the visa to be processed?

Dropbox appointment waiting time cannot be guessed but yes, the processing time after you drop the documents is about 1-10 days.

How do you schedule Dropbox appointment ? I submitted for my mother’s b2 renewal and paid fees but didn’t get any pop up that she is eligible for Dropbox …

Hi Nehasinghal, same for us. Applied renewal for my parents, but didn’t get any dropbox eligibility…instead taking to VAC appointments, but no slots are available. following this, please if anyone can help on this , will be very helpful.