Proof Of Funds: Is Provident Fund considered for Canada

Hi, i have sufficient funds in PF but not as much in savings will that be considered, also does shares also includes in proof of funds.

The primary proof of funds requirements is for bank balance that can be used for immediate use as you land in Canada and survival.

The PF and shares are not considered liquid assets and may not be considered valid proof by immigration officer. Try to get the real cash balance in your bank account to fulfill the minimum balance requirement.

@sandeep_m can suggest more.

Agree with Anil here. PPF will not work as PoF. Consider liquidating your shares into your savings account. You can also consider making a partial withdrawal from your PPF as is allowed under certain circumstances today.

That helps a lot, will withdraw and make all funds available at one place as proof of funds.

Thanks Sandeep
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