Query on automatic visa revalidation (avr)

My previous H4 expired in October, 2020 and I have a new approved I-797A that is extended up to October, 2023. However, I do not have the new H4 visa stamp in my passport yet since I haven’t traveled outside the U.S. My I-94 (retrieved from here) also shows the past/incorrect “admit until date” of October 2020.

Can I travel to Canada for less than 7 days (For PR work) and enter back in the U.S based on my extended I-797 and expired H4 visa stamp? I read about automatic visa revalidation (AVR), that allows entering US from Canada within 30 days based on a valid I-797 and expired visa stamp. Is this correct and can I actually do that? Will I need a new/corrected I-94 (part of question-1) in addition to I-797A for AVR?

We were in the similar situation where we had to travel Canada for 3 days in 2019. My spouse had expired stamp. We presented expired stamp and new I-797C at the border on the way back to US.
Surprisingly, officer was not aware of AVR and told us that my spouse does not have valid visa to enter US. I had to show the officer printed AVR page and asked him if he could check about AVR. He went back to check with someone senior officer I guess. He came back and told us that he is letting her go this time but recommend to have new stamp next time she enters US. She came back using AVR.

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