Query on Receipt Number for applying H1B Extension

Please help, I am looking for the following information:
On Aug 2020, I had resigned from my current employer in interest of joining a new employer. (Received H1b transfer receipt number from USCIS)
However, I then decided to continue with my current employer itself and did not join the new employer. The H1b transfer filed by the new company was then withdrawn. (USCIS states withdrawn on May 2021)

As my H1b stamping date is ending this August, my employer is to file a extension request.
In form I-129 there is a question as:
“Provide the most recent petition/application receipt number for the beneficiary:”

Can you please tell me which receipt number should be given here? The withdrawn receipt number or the receipt number with which I got my current H1b approved?

Ideally, your attorney should take care of this.

You should enter the receipt number of the current employer’s H1B.

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Thanks a lot for the information Anil.
The details you provide are helping people like me a lot.