Question - H4-Biometric Photo Identification Documents Required - USA


I got H-4 biometric appointment for my wife and daughter. I have question on ID proof document required during the biometric appointment.

They don’t have their original passport currently with me as I had sent passport of my wife and daughter to IRS for ITIN renewal as they needed for ID verification. We haven’t received the passport back from IRS yet.

What are the options for photo id for H-4 Biometric appointment. My wife has US driver’s license,.MY daughters is 17 years old. She has her school ID, photo copy of recent passport, old expired passport, birth certificate, bank statement for address proof etc. Is it something that I can use for my daughter’s identity proof. Please suggest.

Driving license should be ok for your spouse.

I suggest to get state ID for your daughter as they accept government issued photo ID only.

Thank you so much for your response.

I am in a process of getting a state ID for my daughter. I called DOL last week, they don’t allow walk ins anymore for COVID situation, only through appointment. Their appointments are one month away, and after going through this process getting state ID also might take somewhere 2-4 weeks after the appointment date. I have taken the appointment anyway for the state ID, but got appointment date which is after the biometric date.

For the domestic flight travel in USA, they are allowing School ID as a valid ID proof. I was searching some options in the internet, found this link. Not sure if this is something they can consider. It says they accept School ID for the age under 18. Please see this link below. This is not from the USCIS site.

What are the acceptable forms of identification for my fingerprint appointment?

Not sure, if USCIS field officer doesn’t consider my situation, what are my other options here if they don’t consider. Also, What are my other options for getting a government photo id for my daughter in 10 days ?

Thank you for your time and response.

Only the ASC center can tell if they accept School ID or not. You have to check with the center. Call them and ask.