Question regarding EB3 - FAD vs DOF

Can anyone help me understand if you can file I485 based if PD current in FAD but not current in DOF ?
My situation is my date is in EB3 - Sep 2012.
Looking at current predictions, I see movement in FAD for EB3 but no in DOF for EB3. If that is the case, do I have to wait for my PD to be current in DOF?

I’ve read that there is a rule which invalidates your application if you have not filed and your PD has been current for more than a year.

DOF chart will always have forward dates than FAD so if your date is current in FAD it should also be current in DOF. This means, if your date in current in FAD you can go ahead and file AOS.
USCIS determines whether DOF chart can be used in lieu of FAD for the given month.

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Thanks Kalpesh!

Just to summarize, If the date is current in FAD, I485 can be filed, irrespective of DOF status.

Yes that is correct.

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