Question regarding the fedex label

Hi all,
I have went through the passport renewal guide in this website and also the guidelines in the vfsglobal site. I still am a bit confused about the process. Based on what I have read, my understanding is:

  1. I download the courier label as pdf files from the “Download Courier Label” tab in the vfsglobal site.
  2. I print the label (currently only the “TO” label is being created).
  3. I take the printed label to the fedex office and they will give me an envelope (free).

Are the above correct? If yes, what is the next step? Do I need to affix the labels on the envelope or does fedex takes care of it?

I called the local fedex office and they said I dont need to print the label, I can email the label to them and they will print it and put it on the envelope. Is this true?

I know its a really simple thing, I guess I just get confused easily. I will really appreciate your help and what your experience/process was with the downloading the labels and shipping the application.

Thank you.

If FedEx confirmed they will print it for you, then you can give it a shot. I had printed label on my own (in case they didn’t do it for me, printer issues, etc.) to save time and avoid unnecessary hassle.

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Complete process:

Thank you Diwedy for your reply. Did you print the label on regular paper using a regular printer or does it needs to be like special label paper/printer? Also, once printed did you just paste it on the envelope yourself or you handed it over to the fedex person and they took care of it?

Thank you Anil for the link, it was a good read. In that link you mention the 4 types of envelope one can use for free. So how do I actually get the envelope for free? I just show up at the fedex office with the labels and they give me the envelope?

Thanks a lot for the help.

Please read the article. It has all the details.

Its a normal mail that you would send normally with Fedex. No special treatment required.

Anil, I am sorry but I did not find the answers to my questions in that article.
I am probably confused as I have never downloaded and/or printed a courier label.
Thank you.

Print it on plain white paper and then take it to FedEx office. They will take care of the rest.