Re-apply H4 EAD after i-94 is updated

In month of Nov 2021 we applied for h1,h4 and H4-EAD and and h1 got extension(i797a got extended) but H4 and H4 EAD was not approved.

I also used the land route to update my i-94 based on my husband H1-B i797a.
i-94 is updated now, but they gave us only for 2 years instead of 3
Secondly , 2 days before my H4 got approved, but H4-EAD is showing as case received.
Do I need to re-apply EAD application or reach out to USCIS to update my new i-94?

Please suggest what to do in this situation…

Debadutta Dash

Hello Debadutta, are you okay to provide more information on land route and update i94? My wife is in similar situation and would like to know if you are eligible to work throgh automatic EAD extension?

You dont need to reapply, it should be approved any time soon.

To update I-94 we went to CBP office Mexico border. There we showed them latest i797a .on that basis they updated our I-94 for 2 years.

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I have h1b COS in process. Can I still do it? Are you okay to share process over phone?