Realistic chance for Visa 189 due to covid-19

I am having 85 points and ANZSCO 233512, I launched my EOI this month. Is it realistic to wait or should I take a chance with the visa 491 through my relative in Canberra?( I dont have any more options to increase the score)

Kindly advice

The chances to get an invite for 189/190 are bleak for offshore people now. The number of allocations for 189/190 have been significantly reduced for this FY. 189 will focus on high pointers (95+) and states will be focusing on onshore people (critical job occupations) for 190 nominations.
You should take your chances with 491

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Just a reminder that, 491 is not a permanent visa,( in case if you are not aware of it )

I applied for 189, 190, 491 state sponsered and 491 family sponsered. I know things are unpredictable at this point of time due to covid19. But still how long it will take for any of the above visa to get granted

You contradicted your own words in the two sentences. Also, you are asking for “how long will it take for any of the above visa to be granted” when you haven’t even received an invitation for any of these visas. The time to get an invitation will itself take a (very) long time (for offshore people) with the current focus on onshore+critical care job codes. Once you receive an invite, the visa processing is another hurdle. As of now, applicants have been waiting for more than a year now after lodging their visa applications and that too without a single CO Contact. DHA does give Global Processing times for these visas but that is hardly followed and depends more on case to case.

If you are seriously looking for a timeline/prediction on when they will give an invitation/grant a visa then sorry my friend, not even a MARA agent will be able to tell you that.

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