Receipt number not received - B2 Extn

Dear Anil, I have a situation and need guidance. I applied for my in-laws extension (B2 Visa) last month and got the usps delivery confirmation on April 20th but still no receipt number. Their I-94 is expiring in 5 days, what should I do? Can they stay since we sent the documents? Looking for help

Receipt number can take 3-45 days to arrive.

You can stay in US if you have the proof that your application was delivered.

But, USCIS will have the final say. They officially recommend to file 45 days before i94 expiry.

Thanks Anil, this help… Any number to contact them for further information?

Check the number on USCIS website.

Hi I have same situation expiring i94 in 8 days please advise

Have you filed the extension and not received the receipt? If yes, refer Anil’s response above.