Received EB3 EAD/AP combo card, Can I Travel While EB2 485/765/131 is pending

I received EB3 EAD/AP combo card after 180 days of 485 pending.

  1. Can I use EB3 EAD while my EB2 485/765/131 is pending ? Will that affect my EB2 processing, it has been only 60 days since Pending?
  2. Can my derivative spouse use her EB3 EAD while she is also added in EB2 485 application. Will that affect my EB2 application processing.

Let me know your suggestions.

Per my understanding, GC EAD can be used irrespective of what category it was approved under even if you have another AOS application pending in a different EB category. There should be no impact on using EAD approved under one EB category, on a pending AOS application in another EB category.

Consult your immigration lawyer and follow their advice.

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