Received NSW 190 Invitation with emploment documents, Still waiting for ACS result

I received NSW 190 Invitation with my employment documents (Contract, Reference Letter, Payslips & Bank statements), Still waiting for ACS result for work experience.
I have my degree assessed result.

I am already approved by NSW Skill Migration officer & can apply for visa.
I claimed 100 points.
But I have 95 right now, (5 points awaiting from ACS work exp skill assessment)

Should I apply for the visa? or need to wait for ACS result and need to upload that for final submissions?


How come you got your NSW final invite without the ACS skill assessment? Did you inform your CO that ACS result is awaited?

Yes, I did.
They are aware of that.

I have submitted my ACS degree assessed result.
And submitted other employment documents, which could be the reason they approved it…

Now idk, if i should apply for visa or wait for the final result…

Hi Anamul,

Did you get pre-invited this round (14/5/2021)? Did the CO asked for the skilled employment assessment or you inform the CO after you submitted your documents to NSW?

Yes, I received pre-invite on 14th May.
I spoke to skilled migration officer over the phone and they said to submit all the documents I have and also proof that I have submitted for skilled assessment to ACS.
I submitted the receipt and screenshot of progress.

After submission, I emailed them as well regarding the issue.

CO emailed me next day asking about another document (Bank Statement showing NSW transaction with location). Submitted that.
and then they just approved it without any other question.

Emailed them regarding this issue as well. well, no reply it…

How long will ACS take to give you an assessment on your work experience? You still have 60 days to lodge your visa so if you get it within this time frame, you can then lodge your visa application.
My advise would be to also consult a Registered Migration agent regarding the same. They are well experienced and will be able to give you the correct professional advice.

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