Refile H1B transfer after denial if i94 is still valid

Hi Anil,

Here is my scenario, Please suggest.

I was working with Employer A and my I-94 is valid till Nov 2019. I joined Employer B on receipt notice and its pending for approval. Employer A has not revoked the petition.
My questions are

  1. Is it safe to convert the application to premium processing now before I-94 expires?
  2. I am thinking that, If the transfer gets rejected before Nov 2019, I will have an option to refile without leaving the country with the same employer and same client. Does my assumption is correct?

Hi @kumar1234

I suggest to upgrade to premium. There is no problem and whatever you have heard is a myth and rumor.

You can file again if the i94 has not expired in case of transfer denial.

Thank you Anil. I appreciate your effort and help!