Refund for ACS Skill assesment

Hi Anil,

I have applied for skill assessment (ACS) on 2nd May (through agent) for 262112. It is not completed yet. I want to cancel it now.

If we cancel it, can we get refund ($500) from ACS ?

As far as I know, ACS assessment fees is non-refundable.

@ Anil.Gupta: Hi Anil, I applied for Regional Subclass 489 Provisional under ANZSCO code 263312 even having EOI filed under ID E0012152140 but unfortunately I came to know that AUS government has closed 489. Is it possible to refund fee applied for application process?

Hi @Zahid_Mehdi
Which fees are you talking about? Have you paid any fees to Australian government?
Or are you talking about fees paid to an immigration agent?

No fees is refundable by government.

Hi @Anil.Gupta I did pay immigration agent its processing fees and that shall not be refundable of course. I actually paid Australian Government it’s first installment that’s why I have an EOI registered there. Just wanted to know about my 1st fee refund but you have already answered it. Many thanks Anil.