Reg. Passport photo background

Hi everyone,

After sending the application, I received an email from VFS (Houston) saying that they can’t proceed due to following reason:

“Photograph : Photo background to be clear white only. See photo requirement - Courier new photos to the VFS centre.”

I went to CVS for the photo (I did mention to them that it was for passport) and the background IS white.

How much more white should the background be ?
Has anyone else faced this issue ?


Check the photo. People are getting approvals.

It seems that the photo might have some issue.

Normal white is fine and is accepted.


So, I finally ended up calling VFS. They said the same thing - to send the photos again.

I went to Walgreens this time. I noticed that there was a slight difference in the whiteness of the background. Walgreens printed the photo on a white film as opposed to CVS (at my location) which printed on colored film (which resulted in a dull white)

I never imagined VFS to be so particular about it.

After sending the photos, VFS processed it and Consulate approved it. I now have my new passport.

Thanks Anil.

I got another set of photos and sent it. Everything worked out. See my update for further details.

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I got the same issue, I am trying to printout this time at Wallsgreen. I haven’t receive any email, just checked it online. My question is how should I send my documents ? The print out of online tracking page

You will receive an email with the details about whats missing / corrections to be made to the application. You need to take print out (will be mentioned in this email) of this email and send it along with the document requested.