Regarding AVR in Mexico with expired stamped US visa

Hello Anil,
I am trying to extend my I-94 through automatic visa revalidation. Currently my spouse is on H1 and I am on H4 and he has received his H1 extended till June 2024.we are planning to travel to Cancun but both our stamped visas have already expired. Do we need Mexico visa to visit Cancun for 48 hours and coming back.

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If your US visa is expired you will need Mexico tourist card.
If your H4 I-94 is valid, you can visit CBP at Mexico border to extend your I-94 based on the primary H1B I-797.

Do we need Mexican visa along with Mexico tourist card as both me and my husband’s stamped visa got expired? From the same forum I understood that we won’t able to travel with expired stamped visa unless we have a Mexican visa. So just to confirm if that is needed.Because of the current circumstances I am not sure how much days it is going to take to get the Mexican visa approved.

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Please go through this guide and you should get all the answers:

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