Regarding Gap in I94 dates in I797A - Do i need to take action?

Hi All,

Immediately requires your urgent inputs on the below .

I have 5 days Gap in my I94 and not sure if this will impact my future filing with USCIS

Initial H1B approval and Stamped Till Jun 15, 2019 From Employer A.
H1B extension applied on 28th Feb 2019 in Regular Mode through Employer A
Before H1B extn approval, i have initiated H1B transfer( Employer B) applied on Jun 21st 2019 and Got approval till June 2022 with I94 attached ( 21st June 2019 to 10 June 2022). So i have joined the new company and when i checked with my new company before joining they have stated that as i have got the approval with I94 attached there is no issue and i can join them immediately.
Later in Sep 20 , 2019 My Employer A withdrawn my H1B extension as i have resigned from them.

So technically i have a 5 days gap in my I94 ( Jun 16th 2019 to June 20th 2019) . But i have worked on these 5 days using my H1B extension receipt number petition which is withdrawn later before approval( Receipt on 28th Feb and Withdrawal on Sep 20th 2019)

Till Jun 15th 2019 - H1B initial
Jun16th to Jun20th - H1B extn receipt on 28th feb 2019 and withdrawn on sep 20th 2019
June 21st 2019 to Jun 10 2022 - H1B transfer

My query is that these 5 days gap will affect my Future H1B transfer , Extension and PERM/GC process. Appreciate your earliest response.

@anil_am22 - Any inputs on this

It should not affect as you filed extension timely before i94 expiry.