Regarding H1 extension while PERM pending

Hi Anil,
I have been working on H1 since from Mar, 2016 to till date. During this period I was in India between OCT-2019 and FEB-2020 which is around 4 months.

If I don’t consider the time spent in India, I have spent around 4 year 11 months on H1.
If consider time spent in India as well, My total time is 5 years 3 months on H1

My PERM is applied in Jan 2021, 5 months completed now. Still it is not certified.

I have gone through other topics which you replied, I understand that we can apply for H1 extension for 1 year even though PERM is pending or certified when PERM is applied 365 days ago before H1 extension requested date ?

I am hoping my PERM certified soon may be in couple of months, then I will try to ask my employer to apply I-140 in premium.

In worst case scenario, if PERM status will not change till Jan next year 2022, we can still apply for H1 extension for 1 year right by considering 365 days period ?
Could you please confirm ?

This is all explained already in the below link.

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