Regarding H4 Approval after Change of status to H1

Hi @anil_am22,

My H4 extension and H4EAD are applied together in Mar 2020. Later my employer applied change of status to H1 based on my I140 and it got approved immediately in premium processing. Now my H4 and H4 EAD which were applied before are approved few days back. So can you please tell me what will be my status now? H1 or H4?

As per the sequence of events, your status should be H4 now if USCIS has approved H4 with a new i94.

Thank you for the quick response @anil_am22. We just realized that H4 extension was filed without change of status. While H4 extension is pending, H1 change of status was approved. So my new status will still be H4 even if it was not change of status? I mentioned the sequence of events here.

H4 Extension(no change of status) filed on - Mar 4th 2021
H1 Change of status filed on - Mar 10th 2021
H1 change of status Approved on - Mar 20th 2021
H4 Extension Approved on Jan 6th 2022
H4 EAD approved on Jan 9th 2022