Regular India Post service but i posted from a different postal code

Mumbai University is an hour away. I live in Mumbai but in the different corner and i used India Post near my home to post the attested envelope i received from Mumbai University.

What will be the consequences?

PS: i posted 24 days ago and they’ve still not received it.

Hi @Nikitesh_Vadhani

WES says that they will reject any transcripts not sent directly by University. Now, it is up-to your luck.

Is it possible that they will cancel my order entirely?

I’m going to resend properly again next week.

Hi @Nikitesh_Vadhani

WES would usually request for new transcripts.

Hi Nikitesh,

This is with regards your query , please note WES isn’t accept transcripts directly from student end.
However you can mark them a email regarding same.