Reinitiate h1 when h4 ead application is pending


I have my H4 EAD application pending after 10 months. I am planning reactivate my h1b and work on it in the mean time. In this case when I reinitiate my h1 what will happen to my pending h4 ead application.
Will it be abandoned?

If your H4 EAD gets adjudicated before USCIS adjudicates your H1B, H1B approval should override your H4 EAD.
If H4 EAD is still pending when your H1B is adjudicated, most probably USCIS will send RFE as they will see that you have pending application for H4 EAD.

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Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

What is the chance they see that in general?

This is anybody’s guess, sorry I dont have a good answer.