Remove dependents from 491 visa

Hi Anil,

Even though I am married, can I exclude my spouse and kids from 491 visa EOI(By answering “No” to family members in future application question in EOI)
and later add them once I get settled there or when I get chance to apply for 190 Visa.


You cannot lie on visa application.

I am not lying here, they have question in EOI if would like to include family members in application.

I dont want to include dependents on 491 Visa application.


You are effectively doing so because you do want to call your family to Australia in future.

Australian Immigration wants to know the future impact of number of immigrants and that’s why they have this question on visa forms.

Thanks Anil.
Can you please answers below queries if we are aware of:

  1. Does dependents also needs to satisfy three years stay in regional or only main applicant.
    2 Do we need to reappear PTE and ACS assessment after three years stay in regional as they will expire, when we will be eligible to apply for PR.


Every individual needs to satisfy the 491 visa requirements separately.

You will need new PTE and ACS if they have expired at that time.