Renew H4 Visa while I (H-1B) visa renewal is still pending with the attorneys

my H1B renewal is underway with my employer’s lawyers working on it. My wife’s H4 needs to be renewed and I was wondering if my wife’s H4 (+ EAD) visa can be renewed independently of my H1B process or do I need to wait until my petition is filed to file my wife’s I-539?

Also, I am interviewing at the moment and if my H1B is transferred, does that affect my wife’s renewal process? Essentially, do I need that transfer’s petition to file for my wife’s renewal?


Its better to file all at the same time.

While your H1B transfer is in progress the H4/EAD application can keep processing. If your H1B transfer is approved before the H4/EAD approval, you can proactively mail the copy of your new I-797 to the USCIS center processing the H4/EAD along with a cover letter explaining why your are sending the I-797. Also include the copy of receipt for H4/EAD.

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