Renew Indian Passport in USA - CKGS Questions & Answers

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HI Anil.
Thanks for these instructions on your website for Minor Child India passport renewal.

You have mentioned 3 photos for the child but CKGS website checklist asks for only 2 photos.
Which one is correct?

Do you know if I can apply for Tatkal. How much chances to get approval for Tatkal for a immediate travel need in June but without any travel tickets proof or without any real emergency.

Hi @akhere

You need 2 photos. I need to update the article as the photo requirement has been recently changed by CKGS.

The chances of Tatkal approval are low if you do not have any valid reason to apply for expedited service. You can try though if you want.

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Thanks for reply Anil.
In addition to that i think you need to update “30 days” recent photo thing… i think it was showing last 6 months photo online when i checked today…

Do you know if i don’t renew passport in usa and my spouse and kid travel to other country and then if my spouse can ship kid’s passport to me in usa. Then can i get child’s passport renew this way in usa? Is this possible or any issue or risk you can think of?

thanks again.

Hi @akhere

Not sure why you would want to do it but you need a valid US status proof like a visa or i797 or i94 to apply for passport renewal.

Hi Anil…
I dropped that plan… and now getting renewed in USA only and we fall under houston consulate.
I have already submitted ckgs application…
After that i filled NRI form on govt passport website.
The problem is that at the end when i print the application form then it does not show me complete information…

edit: ignore this question… Created new application and everything appeared in print this time

Ignore my above question… It seems there was some bug or browser issue with govt website…
I created a new form in same account and now today everything is appearing properly in the final print…

1st question…
You mentioned Q 28 has to be notarized … Also you calculated ckgs fees to put in this form… But this new generated print form does not ask anything like that…
I am confused if I am filling the correct form or not?

CKGS step 7 had given me this link https://
so is it correct or not or different than your mentioned NRI form?

2. Question…
sample pdf link you shared on another page shows page no.4 saying
“If you select Re-issue reason as “Change in existing Personal Particulars” then please specify the personal particulars you want to change. You can select multiple options here.”

As this is for my kid, I did not select “change in existing personal particulars” and i just selected “Validity expired within 3 years/due to expire”.

Do I need to select “Change in existing personal particulars” here and then select “appearance”???

3rd Question:
I forgot to add country code for the phone numbers in address sections. India phone number and USA phone number… should i ignore this or should i create new form and put +91 and +1 respectivity… as i think no option to edit the form there…

Last question
At the last page it says “Signature/Left hand thumb impression of applicant
(if applicant is minor, either person to sign)”
I am confused, does it mean as my kid is 5.5 years old minor so only i need to sign here or both me and kid has to sign?

Anil, Can you please reply sooner … i will really appreciate your help as I really need to send courier today to continue with wife’s june travel plans …

I have sent the application today evening… i got few answers from ckgs customer service …anyways lets c how it goes

Hi @akhere
I am on vacation and hence not able to respond quickly. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Anil,
I want to change my Indian passport address along with renew, I only have Recent Bank Statement as address proof, I don’t have Aadhar Card.
only bank statement is good enough ?

  • Any Indian utility bill (Electricity/ gas/ water/ landline telephone bill) – Must NOT be older than 3 months
  • Aadhar Card
  • Indian Drivers license
  • Recent Bank Statement from Indian Government bank. Front page required. Should have

Thank you!

Hi @deepa
Bank statement should be from a government bank and it should have a photograph to be considered a valid address proof.


My Indian passport is due to get expire on 24th Jan 2020.
I want to change the marital status to married and the address on my renewed passport from that of the original one.
I have valid Aadhar Card with new address but with the Surname after marriage on it.
However,I don’t want to change the Surname on my passport.
So what can I provide as address proof in India?
Will providing the marriage certificate be sufficient for this?

You can provide any one of your Indian address proof from this list.

Hi Anil,

I have not requested any address change , and have given the same address as in passport in the Govt. website. But still “indian address proof” is check marked. Please help.

Also, i have filled husband’s name and requested to add in new passport. But in checklist no proof/ marriage certificate requested. pls help

Also provide first 5 pages of passport copy- Does it mean the number on beneath the page or turn the pages one after the other until you reach count 5?


Hi @anujajr

It is possible that CKGS may have added the Indian address requirement for your case based on your answers in the your application.

The page have to be counted from start and not the page numbers written at bottom.

Thank you! I have shipped all documents

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Hi Anil,

I have selected passport service type as"None of the above" and applying passport under “add spouse name and address change” category. My passport will be expired on Oct,2020 so can’t apply passport reissue under due to expire category as it is not expiring in one year.Will they issue me new passport number and new validity if i apply under by adding spouse name category?

Hi @ramakrishnasai9

Yes, a new passport with new validity will be issued.

Hi Anil,
I’ve applied for Indian passport renewal at Chicago, last issued in India. It takes 4-6 weeks due to reason that it goes for Certain verification back in India or any other key factors for long processing time to last issued in US. Please advise.

Hi @SivaPrasad

Your information is sent to Indian Passport Office to get a positive report and then the passport is issued in US. That’s the only thing I know that takes time.