Renew Indian Passport in USA - CKGS Questions & Answers

Hi @Saket82

I got a similar situation. Can you please update how your situation is resolved? Any tips please? My H1 is expiring in 2 months and need to apply for extension. So, i am urgent need of getting my new passport.


@nookalko25 I have also had same situation got passport but there is inquiry & the concerned officer has been creating hurdles despite having all data and same address as old / new passport no changes. How do you check if the PCC has been cleared or not ? any way to track status ? In case officer intentionally marks it failed what are options to get it fixed any advise ?

@raj1983 I am sorry to hear that my friend. Well can you please explain in detail as to what kind of problems the police is trying to create because, per External Affairs Ministry this process has been simplified and people should not be troubled for the passport and it’s related activities.

Since you are residing out side of home country police should be able to verify the identity of the individual(s) who is/ are endorsing for you. May be you can provide them your residence proof viz US license photocopy and write a small write up about your i94 iternary and explain them why you are absent physically at your Indian address (because you had left the country long back) and “xyz” will be representing you on your behalf.

Please note, Police should make this process as smooth as possible.

Talk to them and see.
Best of Luck

@nookalko25 well few may say its ok to pay, but when demand is unusual and when we have not done any wrong why pay for it ? Its duty of officer to do promptly instead seeking a pay and mentioning may create more hurdles saying the person needs to be in here or spouse has to be present etc etc can’t take family representation etc
So the write up has to be on email ? Do we have option to write directly to concerned officer ? What happens if the officer does’t clear it due to receipt of bribe ?

@raj1983 I am not in favor of bribe/ nor suggest anyone to go that route. If the person’s demands are really unreasonable and he/ she is asking money to do his job then that’s just insane.

It is not a rule nor a law for you/ your spouse to be physically present in the Home Country when you are working and living outside of your Home Country.

Now a days people are utilizing social media (twitter) for complaining about such incidents. (External Affairs Minister handle). You can tweet with your FILE# and the actual issue with the concerned parties and someone from that department will surely respond and resolve. But, if things can be resolved amicably then, I do not suggest you go that far since, it will jeopardize that individuals “ROJI ROTI” and you don’t want to be a reason.


@nookalko25 Yes I do understand and prefer being a considerate of someone for their job and cause no trouble for anyone for no reason hence wanted to explore option of email communication so its documented and try all my best efforts to ensure things are handled in considerate manner before it can be escalated.


@raj1983 My $00.2 given the circumstances and the situation you are in, my advice to you would be is, to get the Police personnel’s phone number and you talk to him directly and explain everything and see how it goes.

Thank you

Is adhaar number mandatory for completing nri passport application form at website?

I need to renew my passport and i live in SFO.

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Hi, Just wanted to check if anyone has recently renewed their passport with the Chicago CKGS. If yes, please share the current timeline for normal processing (considering Covid delay). Also any information on whether police verification was required for no change in address would be appreciated.


Hi @Anil.Gupta, thanks for detailed information in passport renewal. I was trying to renew my passport, but CKGS website doesn’t provide return shipping.

Anyone has an idea how to select CKGS shipping? If I go ahead with current options, step 4 doesn’t give CKGS shipping option. Don’t know how I can provide my shipping to get application back. Website mentions that they don’t drop off to UPS.


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Hello All,

II have applied for passport renewal for my wife. I opted for the “change of name” as it would be good to change my wife’s surname and make is the same as mine. Now, when I download the “Change of Appearance / Signature Form”, it shows her new name which we want to change to. When I took it to the Notary, they are not going to notarize it as this new name, does not match the name on her driver’s license or ID. The rest of the documents needed to be notarized ( the utilities bill and green card) have her maiden name and can be notarized. How do I change the her name to her maiden name on the “Change of Appearance / Signature Form” so that I can get it notarized?


I had the same question and its confusing, but I was able to get past this. It is not mandatory, just check “No” on the box that appears after the adhaar number.

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I am in New York state. CKGS has asked notarized copies of work permit and driving license but it seems in NY it is not allowed to notarize copies (Where can I get a certified copy of a document? — Brooklyn Mobile Notary / Notary911). If anyone faced this situation and can provide the work around it will be helpful. Thanks in advance,

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Hi, I am also in the same situation. I didn’t opt for changing address. Still, I got this mail. Could you please update your status ?

Hi @anil_am22,
My indian passport renewal status is “in process at embassy for decision making” for almost 20 days. I have changed my indian address and police verification completed 2 weeks back.

Do I need to wait for few more days or can I contact embassy for the update?
Please suggest, Thank you.