Renew Indian Passport in USA - CKGS Questions & Answers

On 08/30/2019 I have successfully completed CKGS and Gov of India NRI passport application form. My payment Mode is Cashier/ Bank Check. Initially I selected own shipping which is I realized not recommended. Now I wanted to add the CKGS shipping purchase services from me to CKGS and CKGS to me.
Question: How to add/ purchase the CKGS courier services which cost $30 after I have completed both the application form?

The possible solution per your Blog is to Cancel the application from and start all over again. Further, when I start all over do I get a new CKGS Web Reference number and government NRI number? Your clarification will be highly appreciated.

Hi @Prabal_guhaa73

If you cancel the application, you have to create a new application from scratch.

CKGS does not allow editing of existing applications.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
Can you tell me how many photo’s are required.

in check list they says that 2 photo need to send and after this we are asked to affix one photo each on change appearnce form and online NRI form. so these are total 4 photoes? or only 2 photo’s (one each on change appearnce and online NRI form).

and no documents are asked to add spouse name…
can you let us know pls.

Hi @anujajr

I have the same case, did not change indian address but they asked for indian address proof.

can you tell what happened with your case.

Hi Rajesh, I dint provide any extra document for Indian address proof. I rechecked in ckgs website under miscellaneous- to make sure I dint check mark address change. That’s all. I got passport without any issue

Thanks Anuja for quick response. few more questions.

  1. did you send merriage certificate/passport copy to add spouse name.
  2. we have to affix one photo each on change aapearance and govt online NRI form, Thats it. no need to send any extra photoes in envelop.

Hi @rajuctae

Only 2 photos are required and those need to be pasted on the forms. That’s it.

  1. No marriage certificate / passport copy of spouse was required/sent.
  2. I did send 2 extra photos in a small envelope apart from the 2 affixed ones to make sure.


Hi @Anil.Gupta
I’m to download the Payment Receipt from the ckgs my account portal which needs to be enclosed with the other documents in the envelope. Please let me know - will it generally take time to reflect the receipt for the download?


Hi @pavanbugata

Receipt should be available immediately if you have made the payment online.

@Anil.Gupta Got it. But CKGS is not allowing the online payment currently so Payment receipt cannot be generated until they receive Banker’s check. The issue here is they haven’t updated the instructions in the label page.

There is no need to worry if CKGS is not allowing online payment. It is their issue and you can send your application without the receipt as there is none to send anyway.

You can double check with CKGS too before sending your application.

Yep…, Sure. Thanks for the prompt attention to my query.

Hi @pavanbugata/@Anil.Gupta

I have the same issue where I checked the case for “use my own shipping” and now I am not finding any way to cancel the application. Do I have to create a new application from scratch using new email-Id etc.?

Also, do i have to now start with “Government Online NRI Passport Form Already Filled” ?


Hi @gagan

You have to call CKGS to cancel your application.

They won’t allow you to create a new one as it is attached to your passport number and not email.

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Good Morning.

We wanted to know how many copies of documents and checklist are to be sent for application ?

Only 1 copy is required to be sent.

Want to renew passport for my 5 year old son. How to provide address proof for him. Obviously he dont have his State ID or DL or any other utility bill in his name.
Please suggest.

Hi @Akki_Ans

You have to provide your own address proof for your child’s Indian passport renewal.