Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents)

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You can easily renew your Indian Passport in the USA after 10 years with VFS Global. A step-by-step process for re-issue of the passport with the Indian embassy in New York, Houston (Texas), Washington DC, Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), and SFO (San Francisco, California) Indian consulate.  Passport Renewal Process Snapshot Create a Passport application on…

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living in the US on a H1-B Visa. My passport expired on 31st Oct 2020. My original intent was to go to India and get in renewed in 2020 but did not go as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened both in India and United States. As a result, I am planning to renew here in the US. I started going through the documents and forms required for passport renewal and have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any letter that is required in case we renew the passport after the expiration date? I remember with CKGS there was a letter required from the applicant?
  2. Since many of the forms in the VFS website are non-editable PDF documents, can they be filled out by hand(EG:


i applied in Tatkal process and its now more than a month but status says " Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy"
Do anyone know what is the processing time line for Passport renewal in USA - Tatkal process.

I applied in SFO location. It is pending for more than 10 weeks. Still in embassy. mine is normal processing mode

Hi, I applied in SFO location in normal processing mode. (previous issue of passport was in India)
Dec 17th - Mailed documents
Dec 28th - ‘Received’ your Application and your Application is now ‘Under Process’ at ICAC in Consulate General of India, SFO.
Dec 29th - Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the ICAC and ‘In Transit’ to the Embassy for decision making.

Since then, my application has been under review at the embassy. It’s been more than 20 days since the embassy received my application, is this normal ? Any updates from people who have applied for passport renewal at the SFO consulate? Are there any next steps I can take?


@sankar83 if you don’t mind, please do update here once you hear from the consulate/ receive your passport. I’m getting worried that it is taking so long. Thanks

I have sent email to " []" for updates.
They responded. You also try the same.

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In my final printout for the passport form, some of the fields are missing on the first page. such as the issue date, file number etc, although they do appear below in the attached detailed form. I have filled the whole form correctly still the fields dont appear on Page 1. Is this ok or would the consulate not accept it?
What is to be done in this case?

@milind Me too sent around same dates 12/23/2020. I see Your application has reached the Embassy from around 7-10 days.

@sankar83 what response did they give? Was it helpful?

Embassy review time is 3 weeks i think

they had given reply. yes it is helpful

My marriage was registered in US. Is that accepted by the Indian Embassy (along with spouse’s Passport) for Passport Renewal? Do I need to get any further processing done for Passport Renewal? Also, are there any concerns on using it long term and should i do anything there?

Also, can parent name be updated by providing our Parent’s passport as proof? My current passport is missing by parent’s surnames in the last page. Their passport was updated to include them and I would like to get those updated in mine as well.

Please advise on the 2 questions above?

Oh nice they replied to you. It’s been 5 days since I emailed them, still no response…

@Gkkumar Did you get a response/update from Embassy? It’ll be one month for me since my application went under review :frowning:

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@milind i did not email them still. Will do it today. Did you receive any reply from them.

@milind Today sent email to VFS as well as Before i got reply from both also called them and they gave an update saying passport is ready for printing. He also told me that i can check the status in the embassy gov site ( then select USA and you will see track status.) instead of checking just the VFS track application which i was doing.

Later even VFS team and embassy also replied the same to my email.

@sankar83 thanks for email info.

thanks to this super useful guide at Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents) - USA by Anil…i stuck to every instruction and received the new passport in 5 working days at the Indian Consulate, New York (tatkal)…have to figure out the i-94 extension process next.

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I never received a response from the embassy, but I do see that the status has changed to ‘printed and will be delivered shortly’. Awaiting the delivery now.
That took really long btw, more than 7 weeks since mailing the documents. (SFO consulate)

I am planning to renew passport at NY embassy. How much time it is taking now for normal processing?

Can someone respond me who renewed at NY.